About me

Bachelor Art and Technology and Pre-master Communication studies
In 2007 I started with the Bachelor Art and Technology at Saxion Enschede. During the four years I mainly focused on web development and online strategy. I also started with a Pre-master Communication studies at the University of Twente during the last year of my Bachelor. The focus of my pre-master was on New media and Communication, and therefore it was a good fit with my Bachelor. The motivator to start with a pre-master study was the fact that I love to learn. The Bachelor was in my opinion more practical, but I wanted the theoretical knowledge as well. I finished the Pre-Master with a pre-master assignment, which was a research assignment. The subject I chose was: Internet Skills of children between the age of 11 and 13 years.

Master Media and Communication
After my Pre-master I started with my one year Master Media and Communication. The focus of my master thesis was on networks, in particular knowledge networks. This was a research assignment within the field of Youth Care in Twente, in which I focused on knowledge sharing between individual professionals within different Youth Care organizations in Twente. In addition, I supported four students of Saxion, all finishing their Bachelor SPH. Their graduating project is a part of my research, and therefore I was their (student)advisor. This role involved answering their questions, helping them with their research and supporting them with my knowledge.

In July of last year I graduated for my Master Media and Communication. After my Master I was looking for a job. The perfect job for me would be a job that can challenge me, a job that needs some creativity, and a job that is giving me the opportunity to learn new things. I did prefer a job that searches for the balance of the practical and theoretical skills that I have. In addition, I was looking for a combination of teamwork and independent work, because I think that working in a team can get you motivated, inspirited and it can give you new knowledge or insights.

Nima Marketing
Even though I worked as an operator in the Bottelarij of the Koninklijke Grolsch, I felt like I was bored and needed some challenges. Therefore I decided to start an educational program at Saxion, called Nima Marketing. This is an one-year course about marketing, with an exam in June 2015.

Sales and Online Marketeer
After a search of 6 months, I finally got a job. In January I started my first job within my profession. From now on I can say that I am a Sales and Online Marketeer at Coffee Fresh. I work four days a week at the office in Enschede and one day a week in Drempt (Doesburg).